What is CQ®?

Have you been disappointed when initiating changes in your organization?

Does it seem like communication, involvement and commitment levels are not what they should be?

Do you worry based on past performance about your organization’s ability to keep pace with:

    • Technology
    • Crushing competition in the marketplace
    • Fluctuations in world economies?

The reality is that most changes do fail. As many as 70% of organizational change initiatives fall short of expectations.

Humans are hard-wired to resist change. Rapid changes bring up fear in our very bodies. Our ancestral memories and DNA are hardwired to resist change because change usually meant fire, flood, drought, enemy or animal attacks, earthquakes or famine . . . change, to our reflexes, heart and mind usually means something bad, evoking chaos, loss and grief.

Yet change is a constant and not likely to go away anytime soon. In fact, change has only become more wide-ranging, coming at us faster than ever. Those who cannot adapt to change will be left behind, and, in organizations, change can affect everyone from the top down. It only stands to reason that those who go beyond mere adaptation to spearheading and initiating change will thrive and prosper.

There IS a skillset for leading change that can be learned, and we’ve developed and implemented the three components to successful change with great success. We call the ability to spearhead change one’s CQ® (think IQ) or Change Quotient®. Best of all, our unique method engages the hearts, heads and hands of all involved in organizational change, so that resistance to change dissolves when the right leadership instills:

    • The remedy for confusion about the goal (peoples’ understanding or “the head”)
    • Connection, caring, motivation and morale around the goal (heart)
    • The action, tactics and training to partner together to work toward a common goal (hands)

Our innovative, proprietary CQ® System for Developing Change Intelligence® is based on our decades of change leadership, years of conducting global research on managing change, and deep study into the psychology and neuroscience of change.

How is the CQ® System different from others?  First, the focus is on the people involved, not the process, of change.  Second, this is the only tool of its kind to help leaders (not the targets) of change.  Third, the emphasis is on Change Leadership, not simply Change Management—although our system does contain knowledge about useful change management strategies and tactics.

As a leader…

    • Is your organization struggling in the current economy, forced to make tough business decisions that are unwanted, undeserved, or involuntary?
    • Are you tired of the “Program of the Year” and want to know how to make change stick?
    • Are you frustrated in your inability to overcome resistance to new ways of working?

If so, you’re in the right place.

CQ® Case Studies

Read our CQ® Case Studies to learn how companies and individuals have used the CQ® System to develop their Change Intelligence.