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The Change Intelligent® Analysis and Action Planning Tool

Use the Change Intelligent® Analysis and Action Planning Tool to plan, execute, and evaluate change initiatives to ensure your team is successfully and sustainably leading the Heart (people, teams and culture), Head (mission, strategy, and metrics, and Hands (process tools and training) for powerful and positive results.

The Change Intelligent® Adapt Tool

The ADAPT tool and exercise is an example of one of the straightforward yet powerful methodologies participants learn in the CQ® Certification Program, to enable them to become more savvy change leaders themselves, as well as to coach and train their colleagues and clients in this critical competency.



Leading Change Across the Globe Leverage Change Intelligence® to Build Relationships and Get Results


Leading Change Across Levels Leverage Change Intelligence® to Build Relationships and Get Results


Do Men and Women Lead Change Differently?(and Why It Matters for Your Organization and Career)


Quick-Start Introduction to CQ®

Want a laser-focused, 10-minute overview of Change Intelligence®? Listen to Dr. Trautlein’s podcast interview with Rick Maurer.

Barbara Trautlein’s Change Intelligence® Expert Interview

In this wide-ranging, 60-minute interview with workplace expert Skip Weisman, Dr. Trautlein shares Change Intelligent® tips and tools you can apply immediately in the workplace.

Coping with COVID-19 and Beyond: Leading through the A.R.C. of Change

In this webcast hosted by the Human Capital Institute, Dr. Trautlein shares Change Intelligent® science- and experience-based strategies and tactics help yourself, your team, and your organization lead through this crisis to emerge more Agile, Resilient, and Capable than before: Start with your self – cope with the stress of change and develop personal resilience. Support your team – transition from isolation to engagement, pessimism to positivity, and angst to agility. Set-up your organization – inspire a growth versus fixed collective mindset, position challenges as pop-up learning labs to build change skills for now and the future, and accelerate transformation towards an even more change-capable culture.


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