Thanks for the positive reaction to the free resource I shared in my last newsletter, the Change Intelligent Analysis and Action Planning Tool. It was great to hear how so many of you used it to facilitate dialogue with your teams, particularly around reflecting on your response to the pandemic and jointly identifying steps you could take in this new year to engage the Heart, enlighten the Head, and equip the Hands to emerge even stronger together, building relationships and achieving results. Especially in this time of burnout and fatigue, it was edifying to know that the tool helped ene rgize people, by demonstrating how far they have come and the agility and resilience they’ve grown.

I was particularly moved by this feedback from a Director of Nursing Services, whose hospital is in the midst of a spike in COVID-19 admissions: “Using the tool with my team really helped us share and celebrate the contributions of our nursing staff, not only about patient care and how we supported each other with our on-the-job and at-home struggles, but also how we did an excellent job in the midst of the crisis proactively ‘lifting our collective heads-up’ to do scenario planning, which we had to put in place to cope with the recent surge. It was a feel-good experience, but it also revealed ways we could get even smarter around staffing and bedside support. We’re making this a process we do at each of our monthly nursing team meetings.”

During 2021, I’m inspired to make even more actionable and relevant tools available for you. Our team has thoughts on that front – and we want to hear from you, our customers. What products and services would help you, your team, and your organization Change Intelligently® lead through our current crises and into the future? I invite you to let us know by completing this brief 5-question / 5-minute survey, to share your reactions to what we have planned and to input into what we could add to the mix, in order to develop change capability and lead successful and sustainable change.

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