CQ Case Studies

At Change Catalysts, over 90% of our business reliably comes from repeat work with past clients and referrals from satisfied customers.  We have worked with small systems of less than twenty employees as well as multinational Fortune 50 firms, spanning multiple industries from manufacturing to healthcare to high tech to energy to retail.  We have experience in dealing with entire corporations, with individual business units, and cross-functional project teams.

Steel Dynamics Develops Leaders and Catalyzes a Culture of Collaboration

A College Board of Trustees Harnesses the Power of Group Diversity through CQ®

University Hospitals Improves Patient Satisfaction and Leads through Massive Healthcare Industry Disruption

The ROI of Change Intelligence®

Change Intelligently Leading through the Pandemic Emerging Stronger

Cross-Functional Project Teams at a Food Manufacturer Implement a New Learning Strategy to Enable Business Expansion

A Well-Functioning Research and Consulting Team Tackles Rapidly Increasing Organizational Change

A Change Leader's Experience with the CQ System

A Major Retailer Integrates Change Intelligence Into Its High Potential Leader Developmental Programs

A Hospital’s Executive Team Leads a Full Asset Merger

Learning from Horses