Congratulations on
Completing the CQ® Assessment!

Now That you Know Your CQ®, What’s Next?

In addition to the CQ/Change Intelligence Assessment®, we have a variety of tools and resources to help you grow as a change leader, including:

The Book

Now that you know your Change Leader style, the book is full of case studies and examples of how you can apply and develop your CQ®

Certification Process

A powerful way to equip you to use the CQ System® with your team or company and increase your impact as a change leader

Workshops and Webinars

Learn with other change leaders through interactive, real-world exercises how to build your Change Intelligence


Receive highly customized individual or group coaching to get change done right, obtain a return on your investment, and achieve results that stick


Partner with us for powerful strategies and tactics to execute lasting transformation in your organization

Ready to Get Started?

Please contact Barbara to discuss next steps to continue to build Change Intelligence for the benefit of your organization, team, and career.