Change Management

Are you tired of wasting precious time, money and energy on “programs of the year” without any real and sustained results for your team or organization? Many leaders like you are experiencing the same gridlock and pain, frustrated by change initiatives that don’t work, don’t last, and cause tension at all levels of the organization. And, even though you may feel stuck and desperate for a “new way,” you may also be hesitant to hire a consultant, because of disappointing experiences from the past.

In today’s business environment, you can’t afford to leave results to chance. For change that makes a bottom line difference, into the future, we need to study and apply the critical success and failure factors in change. And we have.

Why do most change efforts fail? Because we jump into them without laying a solid foundation, don’t consistently engage the right players at the right times in the right ways, and don’t install wedges to ensure sustainable solutions.

Based on our over twenty years of deep experience around the world facilitating lasting change in a wide variety of industries, we have created an approach that is unique and leads to sustained results and positive impact for your leaders and your organization – the CQ® System for Developing Change Intelligence®.

How is our approach different? We catalyze change by collaborating with leaders and teams – engaging “hearts” to inspire people to care and contribute, enlightening the “head” as to why change needs to happen and what the change is all about, and equipping “hands” to enable people to play their part.

In working with organizations and companies like yours, we lead you through a three-step process to make change stick at the individual, team, and organizational levels.

CQ triangle

1. We partner with the leaders. First, leaders need to build their own CQ®/Change Intelligence®. Those in pivotal leadership roles need to be equipped to champion the change, through becoming aware of their change leader styles and getting in action to become competent and confident stewards who inspire trust in their teams. Second, since we’re all about client-customized change (as opposed to cookie-cutter formulas), we need to understand each client’s unique goals, learn their “language,” and tailor a targeted plan.

2. We collaborate with the teams. So often, what looks like resistance to change and new ideas is really that team members have not been provided with what is necessary for them “to get it, to want it, and to do it.” When leaders are equipped to engage people to believe in the change and empower them to behave consistently with it, change flows. Collaboration coalesces. Results happen.

3. We sustain the change. As change catalysts, we are highly regarded for our ability to “make it real in the field.” We cascade change throughout the organizations we serve, partnering with all levels and groups. We keep our fingers on the pulse, working the plan but being open to continuously improving the plan. We encourage courageous discussions about what’s working and what’s not, acknowledging systems that are not supportive of the change, and coaching people not acting consistently with the change. With clarity and compassion, we collaborate with clients to confront and turn around such change derailers. And, we make it a priority to recognize individuals and celebrate team success along the journey toward a better future.

Successful, satisfied, sustained – that’s how our clients describe themselves. We facilitate meaningful and measurable transformation that lasts. 

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