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CQ® Certification

A Learning Journey Designed to Help You Take
Your Ability to Lead Change to a Whole New Level.

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The CQ® Certification Program

Get CQ® & Get CEUs / PDUs

Catalyze Powerful Change in Your
Organization, Team, and Career

Effectively managing change is critical to career success,
not to mention the health of your entire organization.

 What if you could dramatically increase the probability that your change initiatives will succeed, that your people will buy-into changes, and that your organization will obtain a return-on-investment?

 What if you could teach yourself or your staff to become better change agents?

What if you could stop struggling with the rotating “Program of the Month”, and see the changes your team needs to make to survive and thrive actually take root?

Now you have an opportunity to get certified in a powerful new system that will enable you to boost your own Change Intelligence® as well as the CQ® of those you lead, coach, and support!

If you are looking for “a new way” to get results, CQ® is the tool for you!

What is the CQ® /Change Intelligence® Certification Program?

CQ® Certification equips participants with strategies and tools that go beyond information to insight; that are immediately accessible, applicable, and actionable on the job; and that can be used with the change agents you coach, teams you facilitate, and organizations you lead.

Your CQ® Certification Program includes:

✓ A live, highly interactive CQ® Certification learning experience facilitated by Dr. Barbara Trautlein, creator of the CQ® System, delivered either through a 2.5 day in-person workshop OR a series of seven, 90-minute webinars accompanied by self-study modules

A CQ® Certification Toolkit complete with action planning materials for you to apply on-the-job right away

✓ The 250-page book Change Intelligence: Use the Power of CQ® to Lead Change that Sticks

✓ The online CQ® /Change Intelligence Assessment® and report customized for you and a complementary invitation to share with a colleague

The CQ® Certification Program is ideally suited for:

✓ Leaders at any level who want to manage change with more competence and confidence, and less stress and frustration

✓ Project, program, and portfolio managers charged with leading change teams toward successful and sustainable results

✓ Change management professionals and consultants who want to bolster their capacity to lead organizations through mission-critical transformations

✓ Trainers and coaches seeking a new, leading edge tool for their leadership development and change management tool kit

You may be able to obtain PDUs/Continuing Education Credits for CQ® Certification Training!

Leaders who get CQ® get results.
Consultants and coaches who get CQ® get results
for their clients, teams, and organizations.

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including details about certification criteria, available dates, and investment levels.